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  • XVAPE (XMAX) Vital
  • XVAPE (XMAX) Vital

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"Why is this thing called the 'Vital'?", I hear you insolently ask: "what is it vital to?"

Oh my young friend, how hilariously naive you are to question the importance of this vape! Why, this is the only vaporizer that keeps Snarks away! If you're skeptical of that claim, let me ask you this: have you ever seen a Snark within 10 miles of a Vital? I didn't think so.

So you see now, doubting Thomas, why the Vital is so vital. Without their presence on earth, the place would be absolutely crawling with Snarks - so think twice before you question this vape's import.


In addition to its anti-Snark properties, the vape actually works exceedingly well as a herbal vaporizer.

Made by the folks over at XVAPE - a company now widely renowned for their high-quality herbal vapes - this vape is a tried and true hero of the vaping community.

Do yourself a favour and go check out the reviews, then promptly return back here and get yourself one. If you don't, then don't come crying to me when your house is overrun by Snarks. You've been warned.


What's included:

1x XMAX Vital Herb Vaporizer

1x Fill tool

1x USB charger

1x Manual

1x Acrylic Box


💚 (100% smoke-free!)


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