Black Diamond Bong (Silicone)

Bud Buddy


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Be careful with this one. Many flower enthusiasts have apparently become mesmerized by the geometric design of this vase, and swear that it has mind-altering properties – as though it were some kind of magical, shamanistic artifact.

Several people, while enthusiastically thanking us for the piece, have claimed that the flowers they place in the vase give rise to some kind of smoke or vapour, and that this smoke somehow transports them to blissful state of consciousness. Now we at Budbuddy don’t quite know what to make of all that – we’re just simple florists who delight in nice vases – we just thought we’d better let you know about these fanciful claims before you buy it.


Height = 337mm

Width (Base) = 55mm

Includes cone piece and downstem

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