Blue Art Unbreakable (Silicone) Bong

Bud Buddy


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At 10 inches long, these bad boys are sure to satisfy.

No, not like that you filthy-minded fiend - these are bongs, not dongs. What I mean is that they'll satisfy any, shall we say, budding urges you may have.

And, no - that wasn't a not-so-subtle reference to weed buds, bud, these are strictly for use with flowers. As in, like, flowers that go in a vase - because that's what this is.. a vase. Yeah, that's what it is. Nothing suspicious going on here, mr policeman, just a regular ol' vase for sale.


These sturdy silicone mo-fos can be treated as roughly as you like - they won't break. Leave the glassware for antiquers; silicone bongs are where it's at (unless you're also interested in glassware for sale on this site, in which case, glassware is also where it's at).


Height = 255mm

Diameter (Top) = 65mm

Weight = 366g

Includes cone piece and downstem

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